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    Enid IN health
    one week ago

    Should you buy a standing desk?

    If your job requires you to sit at a desk all day, you should consider investing in adjustable desk. Why? On the one hand, sitting for long periods of time is unhealthy. We explore the advantages and disadvantages to help you better understand the risks. What is a standing desk? An adjustable standing desk enhances your entire workspace, allowing you to work comfortably while standing. These desks can easily accommodate your computer, monitor, lamp and other desk accessories without risk...

    MeganZhang IN standing desk
    2 weeks ago

    Standing Desk is More and More Popular

    A standing desk is, like the name suggests, a desk that you can use while you stand up. The electric standing desk can be adjusted so that you can switch between sitting and standing, while others come at a fixed height. Some standing desks operate as extensions that you simply place on top of an existing desk, while others are standalone units. Generally speaking, you can adjust standing desks to be at the perfect height for you. If you don not feel completely comfortable using them, you...

    Why the Rise of Adjustable Desks?

    Adjustable desks (or sitting desks) allow workers to easily switch from a sitting to a standing position. They promise healthier, more comfortable and more productive workspace Settings for the people who use them. They've generated a lot of hype over the past few years and have quickly gone from an office novelty to a permanent fixture in many modern workplaces. There is a growing awareness that sitting at a desk seven or eight hours a day, five days a week, can leave workers vulnerable to...

    standing desks IN health
    4 weeks ago

    A Happier, Healthier Way to Work is standing-desk

    No matter how much we focus on our health, the quintessential American work routine rarely allows us to harness the health benefits of movement. Between our morning and afternoon commutes, company meetings, desk work, and catching our favorite TV show on the couch, we spend most of our waking hours sitting down. What's a surefire antidote to all this workday sitting? Scientifically-proven, height-adjustable desks (also known as standing or sit/standing desk! )In comparison to a fixed standing...

    Elena IN
    4 weeks ago

    Do I need stand up desk?

    Nowadays rising desks has become a hot trend. Stand up desk is the desk which can adjust height for home and office use. As people takes more care of their health and comforty, this desk is born for the release of the prolonged sitting (aka “Sitting Disease”). Research has associated prolonged sitting (aka “Sitting Disease”) with a higher risk of a host of problems, including heart disease and diabetes, certain cancers, and premature death.But that doesn’t mean you should stand all day,...

    standing desk IN Furniture
    4 weeks ago

    Is Standing Adjustable Desk Really Worth It?

    What is a standing desk? As the name suggests, a standing desk refers to the replacement of long-term sitting posture, and the daily office is realized by standing. However, it is not easy to maintain a standing posture all day, so the most recommended office posture is to alternate between standing and sitting, and simple activities can be carried out in a small area. Although standing office is not yet fully popularized in China, it has already become the darling of major high-tech...

    Standing several hours a day could help you lose weight

    In recent years, sedentary behavior has been blamed for the obesity epidemic, cardiovascular disease, and causes of diabetes. Population-based studies report that adults in the United States spend more than seven hours a day sitting. European countries range from 3.2 to 6.8 hours of sitting per day. "Standing for long periods of time may seem unmanageable for many adults, especially those who work at desks, but for people who sit 12 hours a day, cutting that sitting time in half can make a...

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